2017-07 14 – Equestrian Edge – Blouberg

14th Jul 2017

Equestrian Edge premiers LIVE from Blouberg Riding School nestled in the African bushveld of Limpopo Province, South Africa.

Equestrian Edge is an equestrian talk show. The show will cover a variety of topics relevant to the South Africa equestrian community. Our premiere edition will feature some of our top riders and industry specialists. Our guests tonight include:

  • Anne-Marie Esslinger, Chris van der Merwe & Lorette Knowles-Taylor
  • Dominey Alexander, Charley Crockart & Graham Winn
  • Lisa Williams, Grant Langley & Ronnie Healy


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Launching Equestrian Edge

Join us right here, this coming Friday evening, 14 July, at 17h30 (GMT+2) brings the start of a new Talk Show aimed specifically at the equestrian. Broadcasting LIVE from Blouberg Stables, Limpopo Province, South Africa, we’ll be bringing you a selection

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  1. Anna
    Anna 3 Aug, 2017, 20:26

    Well done on initiating an informative equestrian programme! We had fun being on the air, as well as enjoying the great Bloomberg event. Hope you guys who watched this episode found it interesting and worthwhile…🐴😁

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