Meet Our Team

Trade Mark Television – Mike Demaine

The magic behind our professional broadcasts. TMTV has 20 years experience producing and broadcasting world class live sporting events from small local sporting events through to World Cup Rugby, Soccer & Cricket.

Broadcast Solutions – Blake Turner

Over 20 years in technology, internet, media and mission critical systems, Blake brings stability to the broadcast experience, ensuring our production reaches your customers.

Tamara & Blake Images – Blake Turner

With over 10 years in sports event photography, T&B Images has an experienced team to capture and supply all the required stills media for your campaign.

Pixelmagic – Meryl Rosenburg

Resident pixel wizard, Meryl has over 25 years experience conjuring pixel magic. From small to insane, she has the background to keep your social campaign on track and looking top notch, attracting all the best attention for all the right reasons.

Anticlockwise – Charlene Carroll

A touch back to front, Anticlockwise has set themselves apart in the PR world. In a world where ordinary gets lost, Charlene and her team will ensure your message stands out.